Tao Huai

A Short Biography:

Dr. Tao Huai is Chief of Freight Emissions Assessment and Research Branch in the Monitoring & Laboratory Division at the California Air Resources Board. Dr. Huai has extensive experience working in the field of vehicle emissions research and AB32 GHG regulation development, with nearly 10 years at ARB. He is currently responsible for developing a comprehensive and unified emissions testing and research program for heavy-duty trucks and other freight related sources to support ARB’s mobile source regulatory programs and sustainable freight strategies. His scientific contributions include more than two dozen peer-reviewed journal publications and various invited technical presentations.

Work Titles
UCLA Assistant Adjunct Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Ph.D., University of California, Riverside
M.S., Tsinghua University, Beijing China
B.S., Tsinghua University, Beijing China

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Mailing Address:

Monitoring and Laboratory Division
Air Resources Board
1927 13th Street
Sacramento, CA


A selected list of publications:

Zheng Zhongqing, Durbin Thomas D, Xue Jian, Johnson Kent C, Li Yang, Hu Shaohua, Huai Tao, Ayala Alberto, Kittelson David B, Jung Heejung S   Comparison of particle mass and solid particle number (SPN) emissions from a heavy-duty diesel vehicle under on-road driving conditions and a standard testing cycle Environmental science & technology, 2014; 48(3): 1779-86.
Hu Shaohua, Herner Jorn D, Robertson William, Kobayashi Reiko, Chang M C Oliver, Huang Shiou-Mei, Zielinska Barbara, Kado Norman, Collins John F, Rieger Paul, Huai Tao, Ayala Alberto   Emissions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and nitro-PAHs from heavy-duty diesel vehicles with DPF and SCR Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (1995), 2013; 63(8): 984-96.
Herner Jorn Dinh, Hu Shaohua, Robertson William H, Huai Tao, Chang M-C Oliver, Rieger Paul, Ayala Alberto   Effect of advanced aftertreatment for PM and NOx reduction on heavy-duty diesel engine ultrafine particle emissions Environmental science & technology, 2011; 45(6): 2413-9.
Durbin Thomas D, Miller J Wayne, Younglove Theodore, Huai Tao, Cockert Kathalena   Effects of fuel ethanol content and volatility on regulated and unregulated exhaust emissions for the latest technology gasoline vehicles Environmental science & technology, 2007; 41(11): 4059-64.
Huai Tao, Durbin S Thomas D, Younglove Ted, Scora George, Barth Matthew, Norbeck Joseph M   Vehicle specific power approach to estimating on-road NH3 emissions from light-duty vehicles Environmental science & technology, 2005; 39(24): 9595-600.
Huai Tao, Durbin Thomas D, Miller J Wayne, Pisano John T, Sauer Claudia G, Rhee Sam H, Norbeck Joseph M   Investigation of NH3 emissions from new technology vehicles as a function of vehicle operating conditions Environmental science & technology, 2003; 37(21): 4841-7.

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