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Miriam Marlier is an Assistant Professor of Global Environmental Change in the Environmental Health Sciences Department at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. She is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist with broad interests in examining interactions between environmental change and public health using remote sensing data and interdisciplinary modeling techniques. Some of her recent research projects include forecasting the influence of different conservation and development policies in Indonesia on fire emissions, air pollution, and regional public health outcomes, measuring the effect of agricultural waste burning on air quality in India, understanding the physical climate drivers of fire activity in the western U.S., and using remote sensing data to improve responses to natural disasters. Dr. Marlier previously worked as an Associate Physical Scientist at the RAND Corporation.

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UCLA Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

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A selected list of publications:

Marlier Miriam E, Liu Tianjia, Yu Karen, Buonocore Jonathan J, Koplitz Shannon N, DeFries Ruth S, Mickley Loretta J, Jacob Daniel J, Schwartz Joel, Wardhana Budi S, Myers Samuel S   Fires, Smoke Exposure, and Public Health: An Integrative Framework to Maximize Health Benefits From Peatland Restoration GeoHealth, 2019; 3(7): 178-189.
Marlier Miriam E, DeFries Ruth, Pennington Derric, Nelson Erik, Ordway Elsa M, Lewis Jeremy, Koplitz Shannon N, Mickley Loretta J   Future fire emissions associated with projected land use change in Sumatra Global change biology, 2015; 21(1): 345-62.
Gaveau David L A, Salim Mohammad A, Hergoualc'h Kristell, Locatelli Bruno, Sloan Sean, Wooster Martin, Marlier Miriam E, Molidena Elis, Yaen Husna, DeFries Ruth, Verchot Louis, Murdiyarso Daniel, Nasi Robert, Holmgren Peter, Sheil Douglas   Major atmospheric emissions from peat fires in Southeast Asia during non-drought years: evidence from the 2013 Sumatran fires Scientific reports, 2014; 4(1): 6112.
Marlier Miriam E, DeFries Ruth S, Voulgarakis Apostolos, Kinney Patrick L, Randerson James T, Shindell Drew T, Chen Yang, Faluvegi Greg   El NiƱo and health risks from landscape fire emissions in Southeast Asia Nature climate change, 2013; 3(1): 131-136.
Johnston Fay H, Henderson Sarah B, Chen Yang, Randerson James T, Marlier Miriam, Defries Ruth S, Kinney Patrick, Bowman David M J S, Brauer Michael   Estimated global mortality attributable to smoke from landscape fires Environmental health perspectives, 2012; 120(5): 695-701.
Chen Yang, Randerson James T, Morton Douglas C, DeFries Ruth S, Collatz G James, Kasibhatla Prasad S, Giglio Louis, Jin Yufang, Marlier Miriam E   Forecasting fire season severity in South America using sea surface temperature anomalies Science, 2011; 334(6057): 787-91.

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